Callum Gourlay

A page showcasing some of my projects and things i have taken part in.


ScotSMART is an IT Consultancy / Solutions company i founded in 2020. ScotSMART Works with small to medium sized businesses helping to find ways to streamline technology and their business.

Benchmarking Project

This is a small project i have been working on alongside Fergus Haak. Where we are looking to develop a universal way to find a non biased score of your pc components

What i do

Some more information about subjects i have developed skills in.

Python 3

I am currently learning the basics of python through my Benchmarking project to help me advance my understanding in computer software development.

Cisco Configuration

I am currently teaching myself how to configure cisco Routers, Wireless Access Points and Switches. I am hoping to soon have a CCNA Certification.

Office 365 Configuration

I have a vast expierience configuring and supporting Office 365 Systems. I also have expierience migrating companies to Office 365 and already have several successful business implementations / deployments.

Desktop Computer Building / Repairs

I have expierience working with both server and consumer hardware. I also have expierience with Data Recovery, Windows Server Configuration, Upgrading Computer Components and Media Distribution Servers.

Get in touch

If you want to ask me something and or contact me about my work / business please use either the form below or my email address.